Sunday, October 04, 2009

Quiet watchfulness

Buttermilk sky,
Layers over the morning sun,
The blue sky, almost October,
Shines a smiling light
So bright.

Life is shifting,
Calm and slow motion,
Of stillness and innerness,
Quiet watchfulness of Sophie and Dori,
Watching over the bed's foot,
Mac at the door.

Thanks to web shots for the image.

Morning sky after the storm

Torrents of rain,
Saturated and flooding,
Many days of misery for many,
Sailing from homes.

Today awakes,
The world, my world,
Powder blue, amost October sky,
Dabs of white painted here.

On the hill, over the city,
Light of morning,
Cast shapes of gold and lemon,
Over sturdy skyscrapers.

Mist low in altitude,
Creates a pattern, a mosaic,
Exhaled air,
Against the vertical.

Thank you to Tim's pictures for the image.