Monday, April 18, 2005

Statins are looking good

More good news on statins came out this week at a cancer research meeting. This amazing medication used to lower cholesterol has been found to cut a man's risk of advanced prostate cancer. What is it about statins that is helping people? It cuts cholesterol and this may affect testosterone levels which in turn is linked to prostate cancer. Experts say that if you cut cholesterol and thus lower testosterone, then you are lowering the risk for prostate cancer.

Statins were studied by Elizabeth Platz and colleagues at Johns Hopkins Medical Center. They found that men who used these medications had half the risk of advanced prostate cancer and a third of the risk of metastatic or fatal prostate cancer, compared to men who did not use cholesterol-lowering drugs. In a statement released today, Platz says "Instead of preventing cancer, statins might work by stalling a tumor already in the prostate, helping to ensure that it doesn't get worse."

Kudos to scientists learning more about statins and their benefits!

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