Sunday, March 23, 2008

Diseases in our New World Order

I find this facinating, even though risk to others is low. The NYT says on Long Island Nassau County officials issued a health advisory on Saturday to anyone who had recently eaten at an Italian chain restaurant in Hicksville, after a worker there was found to have typhoid fever.

County health officials said a New York City man who is a food handler at Mama Sbarro’s, at 265 North Broadway, contracted typhoid fever, a bacterial infection that can be life-threatening if not treated.

New York City health officials informed the Nassau County Department of Health about the man’s infection on Friday night, a spokeswoman for the county health agency said.

The spokeswoman, Cynthia Brown, said that based on interviews with the man and two unannounced inspections of the restaurant on Friday and Saturday, the health risk to the public was low.
You really do not think about typhoid here in the States.

And this reported in Reuters: Brazil's military will help fight an outbreak of dengue fever in Rio de Janeiro, the defense ministry said at the weekend, after the disease killed 49 people and made more than 30,000 ill this year.

Public hospitals in the northern and western districts of the city were overwhelmed by the number of patients seeking treatment at the weekend. Many complained about long delays.
The defense ministry said Army, Air Force and Navy commanders would propose an action plan to Defense Minister Nelson Jobim as early as Monday on how to combat the disease in the famous beach and port city.

And, watch out for canteloupes on the west coast USA.